Common Weal has launched its action plan for Scotland's recovery, showing how Scotland can become a productive, high-wage society without government bailouts by letting Scottish businesses unlock Scotland's underdeveloped potential. But what does a resilient Scotland look like?


A Resilient Economy makes sure that Scotland's collective wealth is able to have the maximum impact on Scotland's economy, that Scotland's economy has strength-in-diversity, greatly increasing domestic production and making sure that everything government does reinforces that move to a resilient economy.


A Resilient Environment provides us with the natural resources we need but can always regenerate itself and those resources because we live carefully in that environment and steward it well.


A Resilient Society offers social cohesion, high levels of public trust, low levels of economic inequality, distributed and decentralised political power, good social infrastructure, excellent public services and high levels of civic participation.


A Resilient Scotland can give us the confidence and hope in achieving a society which works for the people of Scotland.

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