Supporters of the SNP Common Weal Group won eleven candidacies in today's SNP selection contests across Scotland - one third of contested seats.

The SNP CWG's candidates' pledge for a resilient independent Scotland was signed by candidates in more than half of contested seats. The pledge set out six key policy commitments: a Green New Deal, a National Care Service, land reform, tenants' rights, public ownership and local economic reform. SNP CWG candidates include incumbent MSPs Ash Denham, Joan McAlpine, Christine Grahame and Stuart McMillan. SNP CWG Convener Craig Berry said: "We are delighted that SNP members across Scotland have chosen progressive candidates who have pledged their commitment to a resilient independent Scotland." "The SNP CWG is growing rapidly and we are organising with members across Scotland who share our ambitions for Scotland's future. Today's success shows there is a real appetite in the SNP grassroots for a Green New Deal and a just transition to a sustainable economy with the needs of Scotland's people at its heart." "We look forward to working with our candidates to win these seats, deliver independence and start building a future for Scotland that puts all of us first."

SNP CWG candidates selected are as follows:

  • Cllr Stephanie Callaghan

  • Robert Leslie

  • Ash Denham MSP

  • Catriona MacDonald

  • Sarah Masson

  • Joan McAlpine

  • Cllr Paul McLennan

  • Christine Graham MSP

  • Cllr Colm Merrick

  • Stuart McMillan

  • Tom Wills