The SNP Common Weal Group (CWG) has called for transparency from the SNP National Treasurer on the use of funds “ring-fenced” to fight a future independence referendum campaign. The funds, which are believed to total in the region of £600,000, were raised through two crowdfunding campaigns in 2017 and 2019 by SNP members and independence supporters.

The CWG Convener Craig Berry said: "The SNP Common Weal Group believes in open, transparent governance. Party members have raised legitimate questions about the party's accounts. These questions deserve answers."

"We appreciate that the Statement of Accounts does not give a full picture of the party's current finances. We have therefore written to the National Treasurer to request that he provide further information to answer members’ questions. We have asked him to clarify what money has been ring-fenced for a future independence referendum and how that money is recorded in the Statement of Accounts."

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Below we have provided the email sent to the SNP National Treasurer Colin Beattie MSP:


I am writing on behalf of SNP Common Weal Group which believes in open, transparent governance. Our aim in writing to you is to facilitate transparency between the party leadership and ordinary party members by putting forward pertinent questions to you directly.

Could you please provide answers to the following questions;

1. Why is there a separate party fund which is not included in the Statement of Accounts 2019?

2. How much has been raised by the two crowd-funding campaigns to fight for a future independence referendum in 2017 and 2019?

3. How much of the money raised has been allocated to the Referendum Appeal Fund?

4. Will you release the full statements for the Referendum Appeal Fund?

5. Was the money in the Referendum Appeal Fund included in the statement of accounts? If so, how?

Yours for Scotland,

Craig Berry

National Convener

on behalf of the SNP Common Weal Group