The SNP Common Weal Group (CWG) recognises the multiple areas of our economy, services and communities which require urgent attention to ensure they serve the people of Scotland as best they can; and therefore calls on the SNP to make its manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections A Peoples’ Manifesto which puts people before profit, strengthens Scotland's public services, and meets the essential social and economic needs of communities across Scotland.


The CWG calls on the inclusion of the following policies in the SNP's 2021 election manifesto:


- Public Transport in Public Hands: End Abellio's profiteering of Scotland's rail and commit to a public alternative; and support the creation of publicly owned and run bus services across Scotland’s urban and rural communities to ensure bus links are affordable, frequent and accessible.

- Scottish National Energy Corporation: Establish a publicly-owned energy company which develops Scotland's renewable energy capacity, making sure all the manufacturing takes place in Scotland.

- Scottish National Infrastructure Company: A centre of excellence to design and manage public infrastructure projects financed by the National Investment Bank to end Public-Private Partnerships and private profiteering off of public needs.



- Rent Controls: End run away rents and landlords’ exploitation of tenants by implementing a system of points-based rent controls on both private and social lets where rent is determined by a Living Rent Commission on the basis of a home's quality.

- Strengthen Tenants' Rights: End Covid-era and Winter evictions; increase accountability and penalties for non-compliant landlords who don’t adhere to the law and ensure their properties are maintained and habitable; and promote membership of tenants’ unions.

House Building Programme: End homelessness by establishing a National Housebuilding Company to embark on a mass green home building project, focussing on council and Housing Association builds, where homes will meet high green standards and be able to house multiple generations to come.


- National Care Service: Establish a free, public option of care and establish associations to support the transfer of existing care homes from for-profit bodies to public and third sector control.

- Right to Affordable Food: Enshrine the right to food into Scots law so public agencies, such as local authorities, are required to take action if people do not have sufficient food of an acceptable quality.

Drug Reform: Expand the investment in Scotland's residential rehabilitation infrastructure, improving the social environments which build on addictive behaviour; and push the boundaries of devolution by taking a public health approach to drugs.


- Funding Local Services: Replace the outdated Council Tax with a system which gives local authorities greater power over local taxation and ensures those who have the ability to pay do.

- Local Community Bank: Establish a public banking option providing all the banking services a private retail bank would offer where profits will be reinvested back into communities instead of being extracted by shareholders.

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