The SNP Common Weal Group is committed to democratic, transparent, accountable governance. It is vital that the SNP continues to play a prominent role in acting as the electoral expression of the independence movement, but we need to put members back into the heart of the party.


We must revive internal party democracy and policy debate, ensuring the SNP is ready to deliver Scottish independence. To do this, we need to democratise the internal party structures to play a positive and enlightening role in rehabilitating grassroots members back into political action within the party. We need to begin building the campaign for independence.


The SNP Common Weal Group has played a leading role in building cross-party support for radical ideas - such as the Green New Deal, land reform and National Care Service - and it is leading the call again to democratise the party.


- To work in the interests of achieving an independent Scotland, guiding the decisions we make.

- To promote the values of All of Us First, ensuring the party is responsive to the grassroots members through expanding party democracy.

- To make politics more accessible to SNP members, empowering the grassroots to become more involved in shaping the direction of the SNP.




- INDEPENDENCE:  Prepare and launch an Independence Campaign to begin in 2021 by reforming party infrastructure and developing new policy.

- ACCOUNTABILITY: Transparency & accountability are essential for democratic politics, thus voting where the issue is not sensitive, on the NEC and all other party committees, must be open for inspection by party members to ensure that it is responsive to the needs of the party membership which elected them.

- DEMOCRACY: All internal positions elected at party conference must be decided by all party members through One Member One Vote, not just the members who can attend conference.

- POWER TO THE MEMBERSHIP: The grassroots must control the agenda of party conference with greater transparency in conference motions, making them available to party members and allowing the grassroots to set the agenda with online voting. Branches must be given more time to submit motions and amendments, and any deadlines for publication of the agendas must be met.

- FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY: Establish a sub-committee on staffing & remuneration to review salaries scales and appointments, as a well as annually publishing the remuneration packages of senior post holders, ensuing relevant professional advice is sought and that there is trade union representation.

- FAIR COMPLAINTS PROCESS: We must establish a transparent complaints process which can offer members justice in due process, including a robust appeals process.


If you are standing for election and wish to add your name to the pledge, please email



Allison Graham - Mid-Scotland & Fife Open and Female NEC List

Amanda Burgauer - NEC South Scotland Open & Women's Lists; Conduct Appeal Committee

Catriona MacDonald - NEC Lothian Women's List; Conference Committee Women's List

Chris Hanlon - Policy Development Convener; Mid-Scotland & Fife Policy Development Open List; Conference Committee Open List; Members Conduct Committee

Corri Wilson - South of Scotland Open NEC List; Conference Committee Open & Female List; Member Conduct Committee

Cynthia Guthrie - South of Scotland Open and Female Policy Development Committee List; Member Conduct Committee

Dorothy Jessiman  - North East Open & Female NEC List

Douglas Chapman MP - National Treasurer

Fraser Thompson - NEC South Scotland Open List, Conference Committee Open List

Graeme McCormick - Policy Development Convener, NEC West Scotland Open List

Gordon Millar  - Outwith Scotland Policy Development Committee

Joan Hutcheson -  Conference Committee Open & Female List

Joanna Cherry QC MP - NEC Elected Representative List

John Allison - Central Scotland Open NEC List

Kairin van Sweeden - North East Policy Development Committee Women's List

Katherine Sanders - Members' Support Convener, NEC Lothian Policy Development Woman's List

Cllr Laura Brennan-Whitefield - NEC South Scotland Open List

Cllr Lynne Anderson - Local Government Convener, NEC Central Scotland Open & Women's Lists, Members Conduct Committee

Malcolm Kerr - NEC West Scotland Open List

Munro Ross - Highlands and Islands Open NEC List; Conference Committee Open List; Highlands and Islands Open PDC List; Member Conduct Committee Open List.

Neale Hanvey MP - NEC Elected Representative List, Members Conduct Committee

Dr Robert de Bold - Lothian Open NEC List

Robert Thomson - Organisation Convener, Members Conduct Committee, Conduct Appeals Committee

Roger Mullin - NEC Mid-Scotland & Fife Open List

Rory Steel - NEC Glasgow Open List, Policy Development Glasgow Open List, Conference Committee Open List

Cllr Ross Cassie - NEC North East Open List

Scott McFarlane - Disabled Members Convener

Dr Tim Rideout - Lothian Policy Development Committee Open List

William Mills - South of Scotland Open NEC List