There has always been a great appetite within the SNP to debate progressive ideas for the future – the case for Independence is built on the strength and merits of our proposition on how best to make Scotland fairer.


Many SNP members are also supporters of Common Weal and want to reach out and be part of a wider Yes movement.  There is also much interest within the party in the substantial research and excellent publications produced by Common Weal, successfully influencing public policy in Scotland with the most recent example being the Scottish National Investment Bank.


With another Independence Referendum on the horizon, now is a good time to be focusing on the best and most progressive ideas to build both the campaign and case for Independence – ensuring this time we deliver a Yes Vote. With growing poverty & inequality, a climate crisis and Westminster chaos we now need independence more than ever.


Yet, the Scottish Government cannot tackle these problems with powers it currently has as the UK economic model restricts Scotland’s economic potential, suppressing our opportunity for development and our ability to deliver greater redistribution of our wealth for the common good.


The establishment of an SNP Common Weal Group will seek to share and debate progressive policies within the SNP and engage with supporters of independence beyond the party to make Scotland greener, fairer and healthier.


With the First Minister laying the “foundations of a Green New Deal” in her latest Programme for Government and the launch of Common Weal’s Our Common Home: a Green New Deal for Scotland, there is a comprehensive body of work which has evidenced why and how the powers of Independence are needed to complete our green journey, build better houses, lead healthier lives and lift children out of poverty.


We believe the SNP Common Weal Group will be the forum for party members to engage with a wider prospectus of progressive policies as well as the wider independence movement to engage with the SNP. This will offer everyone the opportunity to work together in developing a Green New Deal for an independent Scotland.



All signatories are signing in a personal capacity

Craig Berry CWG Convener,  Cllr Agnes Magowan North Lanarkshire Council,  Agnes McAuley SNP Greenock and Inverclyde branch secretary,  Cllr Alasdair MacPherson Stirling Council,  Alex Neil MSP for Airdrie & Shotts,  Amanda Burgauer SNP activist and MP candidate for Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweeddale,  Andrew Penman SNP City of Dunfermline branch Convener,  Angela Constance MSP for Almond Valley,  Angus Brendan Macneil MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar,  Anne McLaughlin MP for Glasgow North East,  Bill Ramsay SNP Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Convener and President of the EIS,  Cailyn McMahon YSI Convener,  Cameron Archibald SNP Bannockburn branch Secretary and co-founder of MMT Scotland,  Cllr Cameron McManus North Lanarkshire Council,  Catherine Shea SNP activist,  Catriona McDonald co-founder of  Common Weal Edinburgh South West SNP Morningside branch Secretary and MP candidate for Edinburgh South,  Charlotte Armitage YSI Vice-convener,  Chris Hanlon Mid Scotland & Fife Policy Development Committee,  Chris Stephens MP for Glasgow South West,  Corri Wilson SNP activist and former MP for Ayr Carrick & Cumnock,  Danny Aston Lothian Policy Development Committee,  Darren McGarvey Musician, author  and social commentator,  David Ferris SNP City of Dunfermline branch treasurer,  Cllr Derek Glen Fife Council,  Dominique Ucbas SNP Caseworker,  Ellie Archibald charity activist,  Cllr Emma Roddick Highlands Council,  Fiona MacIsaac SNP activist,  Fiona Robertson SNP Equalities Convener,  Gehan Macleod co-founder of GalGael,  George Kerevan journalist economist & former MP for East Lothian,  Cllr Graham Campbell SNP BAME Convener Convener and Glasgow City Council,  Professor Iain Black, Vice-Convener of the Scottish Independence Convention,  Cllr Ian Ferguson Fife Council,  Ian Smillie SNP City of Dunfermline branch Membership Secretary,  Jack Capener YSI Lothian Convener,  Jamie Grant SNP Activist,  Jamie MacDiarmid University of Stirling Students for Independence President,  Jason Douglas SNP & Common Weal activist,  Jean Ferguson, City of Dunfermline SNP Secretary,  Jerry Moriarty SNP activist,  Josh Mennie Out For Independence Co-chair,  Cllr Josh Wilson South Lanarkshire Council,  Cllr Julie McKenzie Argyll & Bute Council,  Cllr Junaid Ashraf North Lanarkshire Council,  Kairin van Sweeden SNP Leith branch Convener,  Kenny MacAskill MP for East Lothian,  Cllr Laura Brennan-Whitefield South Ayrshire Council,  Linda Ferris SNP City of Dunfermline branch Vice-Convener,  Cllr Lynne Anderson North Lanarkshire Council and Central Scotland NEC,  Mary-Jane Douglas SNP & Common Weal activist,  Miriam Brett, Director of Research and Advocacy at Common Wealth,  Pamela Smillie SNP City of Dunfermline branch activist,  Pat Kane Writer musician and Common Weal board member,  Paul Kavanagh Journalist for The National and the Wee Ginger Dug blog,  Cllr Rhiannon Spear Glasgow City Council,  Rory Steel SNP Trade Union Group Executive Member, member of the Catalan Defence Committee and CWG Secretary,  Cllr Ross Cassie Aberdeenshire Council,  Ruby Zajac Journalist at Skotia,  Tejas Mukerji Founder of Neutral Scotland,  Dr. Tim Rideout Economist and founder of the Scottish Reserve Bank website