There has always been a great appetite within the SNP to debate progressive ideas for the future – the case for Independence is built on the strength and merits of our proposition on how best to make Scotland fairer.


Many SNP members are also supporters of Common Weal and want to reach out and be part of a wider Yes movement.  There is also much interest within the party in the substantial research and excellent publications produced by Common Weal, successfully influencing public policy in Scotland with the most recent example being the Scottish National Investment Bank.


With another Independence Referendum on the horizon, now is a good time to be focusing on the best and most progressive ideas to build both the campaign and case for Independence – ensuring this time we deliver a Yes Vote. With growing poverty & inequality, a climate crisis and Westminster chaos we now need independence more than ever.


Yet, the Scottish Government cannot tackle these problems with powers it currently has as the UK economic model restricts Scotland’s economic potential, suppressing our opportunity for development and our ability to deliver greater redistribution of our wealth for the common good.


The establishment of an SNP Common Weal Group will seek to share and debate progressive policies within the SNP and engage with supporters of independence beyond the party to make Scotland greener, fairer and healthier.


With the First Minister laying the “foundations of a Green New Deal” in her latest Programme for Government and the launch of Common Weal’s Our Common Home: a Green New Deal for Scotland, there is a comprehensive body of work which has evidenced why and how the powers of Independence are needed to complete our green journey, build better houses, lead healthier lives and lift children out of poverty.


We believe the SNP Common Weal Group will be the forum for party members to engage with a wider prospectus of progressive policies as well as the wider independence movement to engage with the SNP. This will offer everyone the opportunity to work together in developing a Green New Deal for an independent Scotland.